Easy Vapors e-liquid

Easy VaporsĀ E-Liquid

This juice line encompasses both sides of vaping. On the one side, there are those who prefer simple flavors that are not overly complicated. For example, some people just want a simple straight forward Strawberry. Easy Vapor’s Strawberry Fresh fits the bill perfectly. On the other side, many prefer more complex blends of flavors. Something that combines multiple flavors or ingredients to create a blend that is unique. Easy Vapor’s Strawberry Banana Smoothie or their Cinnamon Bon flavor fall into this category. What ever your pleasure, Easy Vapor’s E-Liquid line may have something for everyone.

Twelve Vapor

Twelve Vapor - Zodiac Juice

4000 years in the making. Twelve unique flavors. Twelve unique personalities. Vapor as unique as you. The Celestial collection is a play on the Zodiac signs to bring something for everyone. Twelve Vapor is based out of buffalo NY and offers flavors that are fresh, crisp and unexpected. Their line of flavors called “Celestial” is a line of flavors to remember.