Best Vape Pens

Vape Pens have become a bridge product between the cig-a-like ecig and the Vape Mod. Most smokers will generally go towards the cig-a-like units because they resemble something they are used to. In most cases the smokers end up with something that almost gets the job done, but still leaves them unsatisfied. When this happens, the smoker either just keeps on smoking, or they upgrade to the next level – the Vape Pen. As you will see listed below, there are several options to choose from and to be honest, in this category (Vape Pens), the products are relatively similar. The only difference can be found in flavor selection and nicotine levels, because they all generally have the same hardware makeup, unlike their cig-a-like predecessor.

Mimic Electronic Cigarettes Vape Pen Kit

MIMIC Vape Pen Kit – $11.99

MIMIC Electronic Cigarettes Vape Pen is a 900mah rechargeable battery that is perfect for vaping all day without a recharge. Although compatible with NJOY Convenience Vaping tanks and Fin V-Tanks, when compared to the NJOY 650mAh vape pen battery or the Fin 650mah Vaping Battery, the MIMIC Vape Pen is almost 50% longer lasting at a full 900mah. Use the separately sold MIMIC Cartridges, MIMIC Vape Tanks or any eGo/510 thread tank to enjoy a wide array of flavors and nicotine. The MIMIC products offer great value compared to other brands.

Battery and USB charger included. Tanks or Cartridges sold separately (but very affordable).

NJOY Vape Pen Starter Kit – $29.99

NJOY Vape Pen Kit

The Perfect Entry-Level Vaping Kit

NJOY’s Vape Pen Starter Kit includes all the essentials:

  • NJOY Vape Pen
    • 650mAh Battery
    • Top-Fill Tank
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Charger

Fin Vaping Starter Kit – $15.99

Fin Vape Pen Kit

FIN Red Large Battery Starter Kit

  • 650 mah battery, 1 cartomizer adaptor (the black cone shown in the image) , and USB charger.
  • Fits all FIN Cartomizers, Clearomizers, V-tanks and any ego/510 tanks.