Nicotek Metro Goes Offline?

Nicotek Metro Electronic Cigarettes has completely gone off line. The site claims to be down for maintenance, but it has been well over 30 days since it was active. Other companies are enjoying the new customers they are acquiring as ecig users look for a replacement. One such company, Mimic Electronic Cigarettes, offers compatible cartridges for many brands – Metro being one of the major products – although Mimic will soon discontinue its offering in the Metro Compatible line, they do have a quality low cost electronic cigarette. A company spokesperson stated, “We have had several customers connect with us through social media, email and phone conversations stating they can’t get refills for their Metro ecigs. The spokesperson of Mimic Ecigs says, “When a person gets used to buying a specific product over a long period of time, they find it difficult to find an equally satisfying product. They find it even harder to swallow the monetary loss of having to buy a new type of battery – especially when it is a daily use product like an ecig.” However, most ecig users replace their batteries quite regularly and companies like Mimic are more than happy to ease the pain of the change by offering new and existing customers great offers on their batteries and chargers.

There are several companies who offer outstanding products for ecig users. A few of them are compatible with Metro. Here is a list of products we currently know work with Metro batteries:

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