Switching To Electronic Cigarettes

There is a lot of information on the web (mostly individual opinion) about whether or not electronic cigarettes are effective. The first thing we need to discuss is, what is meant by “effective”? We assume it means an adequate and satisfactory delivery of nicotine to the adult using it. Obviously most people want to get the same satisfaction from electronic cigarettes as they do from conventional cigarettes, but does the electronic cigarette really do that?

In our tests and samples, we have found that, yes, in fact they do. However, which brand you choose and which levels of nicotine you get play a major role in the satisfaction. Additionally, the issue of the volume of vapor that is produced plays a large role as well. There are several formats of vapor devices to choose from too. To give an example of this, we provide the following list with short descriptions:

  • The “Cig-a-Like” – These are the original version of ecigs. They look and function just like an actual cigarette. There are no buttons or complicated features to understand. You just screw on a new cartridge to the battery, put it to your lips and pull. Viola… you are vaping nicotine. When the vaping production gets reduced or the flavor becomes off, you replace the cartridge.
  • The Vape Pen – This type of device is generally at least twice the size of the cig-a-like. The usually have a button you push while using them, and they usually have a clear “tank” that holds the liquid. They are nice because the user can control the power of the battery with the button and they can visually see the amount of liquid left in the tank.
  • Sub-Ohm Vape MODS – This is the unit that you see people blowing clouds that looks like a steam train. Mostly for the enthusiast over the everyday user of a nicotine delivery system. They are the most costly to obtain, but they can reduce the long term cost of using.

So that’s the basics. We could get really technical here and go over all the individual aspects of each type of device, but you can find all of that on the web once you know what you are wanting to do. To save you time (and money) we will simply give a recommendation based on what you are trying to accomplish. For most (if not all) users of ecigs, they are just trying to replace traditional cigarettes. For those people, we recommend theĀ  cost effective, easy to maintain and very satisfying Cig-a-Like.

Here is a list of the most effective levels of nicotine for a cig-a-like based on how much you smoke on a daily basis:

  • Less than a 1/2 pack per day – 6mg to 12mg nicotine level.
  • More than 1/2 pack a day – 12mg to 18mg
  • More than 1 pack a day – 18mg to 24mg

So what brands should you explore? Based on the nicotine list above (derived from a wide study of actual user experience), you should try the brands that supply the nicotine strength you are looking for based on your needs.

Most brands have a limited selection of nicotine levels due to the recent regulatory actions of the FDA, but there are still a few who carry a nice range.

  • Mimic Electronic Cigarettes – Wide selection of flavors and nicotine. Pack of 5 cartridges as low as $8.20 each (Bulk pack purchasing)
  • Blu Electronic Cigarettes – Wide selection of flavor, but limited on levels of nicotine. Pack of 3 cartridges as low as $12.74 each (Bulk pack purchasing)
  • Fin Electronic Cigarettes – Regular and Menthol flavors only and a limited selection of nicotine. Pack of 5 cartridges as low as $11.99 (Bulk pack purchasing)

Most people will find what they need from one of the brands above. The nice thing about this particular list is the cartridges from any of these companies will fit on any of their batteries. They are all compatible with each other.