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Frequently Asked Questions

My cartridges (and/or battery) do not produce vapor, what can I do?

When an electronic cigarette cartridge will not produce any vapor, the center post may be the problem. Sometimes it will result in a cartridge or tank only working with one battery, but not another, or none at all.

cms-imgBoth the electronic cigarette battery and the cartridge must make a positive and negative connection through the threaded connector. The positive connection is made through the center post, while the negative is made through the threads on the outside (see image above). The positive center posts are separated from the negative threads by a rubber ring. Because that ring is flexible, the center post of either the battery or the cartridge can sometimes get pushed down too far to make good contact with the center post of the other. Each time it is screwed onto the battery it pushes the center post in a little and even combinations that once worked well together will sometimes lose connection. Fortunately, pulling the center pin out a little on either component usually resolves the issue. The following information refers to a cartridge, but applies to tanks and other types of units as well. It is simply a matter of making good contact.

To see if the issue you are having is a matter of poor connection, you should try the following fix.

Using a paper clip or similar object inserted into the center hole of the cartridge (as shown in the image above), gently move the center post back and forth while trying to work it further out. In most cases, it won't need to move much further than the thickness of a piece of paper. Some cartridges may have a groove in the center that looks like it is made for adjustment with a flat head screwdriver - it is not, and rotating the center post will eventually result in breaking the positive connection inside. Prying from the outside edge of the center post will also work if there is no center hole, but be careful not to damage the silicon ring below it.

This method will resolve many of the poor connections that often result in consumers throwing away perfectly good electronic cigarette components.

I ordered the wrong thing, can I exchange it?

In short, it depends. If the product is still sealed and not opened or used, then it can be returned and a credit for the value of the product will be added to your rewards points. You can then create a new order with the rewards points. The cost of shipping will not be applied to the points balance on the return. If the product is opened or used, then the return will not be accepted.

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