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E-Cigarette Beginners

Help For Beginners

Most people start out buying a "disposable" electronic cigarette. The brand names are usually Logic, Nicotek Metro, NJoy, and Blu Cigs. These are decent batteries to use for a beginner. However, not all of them use the same thread pattern for the cartomizer to screw into them. So... a common question is, "where do I get the right cartomizer for MY battery?" and "how do I recharge the battery... can I recharge a disposable battery?"

That is what this page is for. To hopefully answer all of your questions. We do carry cartomizers for each of the above listed brands. The Blu cig can receive the 510 type cartomizer, however it is truly listed as an L88 thread. In other words, even though the 510 will generally fit, it may not be a 'perfect match'. The others, as you will see when ordering liquid from us, are listed by name in the 'Add a Blank Cartomizer' selection.

Recharging Batteries

In short, yes you can recharge a disposable battery. You just need the right charger size for your battery type. We have used the Nicotek Metro charger on their batteries as well as on the Logic disposable batteries. They are threaded the same. We assume the NJoy would fit and charge as well. This of course assumes you have purchased the two piece disposable type units and not a one piece. Generally the two piece requires assembly when you bought it. If you cannot unscrew the cartomizer from the battery, you have a one piece unit.

You can expect to use these disposable batteries for about 6 weeks before needing to replace them. As you will soon find, the cost is okay at about $10 when you buy the two piece disposable, but you will soon discover that a true re-chargeable battery will be worth the investment in the long run.

Filling A New Cartomizer

There are several videos on YouTube that discuss filling a cartomizer, and they show many different methods. In our experience, the best way to fill a cartomizer without getting overly technical is to use one of the rubber caps that come on them.
      1. Fill the rubber cap about 3/4 of the way full. Usually about 25 drops from the dropper bottle.
      2. Remove the little white mouth piece from the end of the cartomizer. You don't have to do this, but it helps to see the liquid being absorbed. You can use anything to remove the tip that will fit into the little hole to pop it out. A paper clip or toothpick like utensil will do. Be sure to keep this piece, because you will reinsert it when you are done.
      3. Slide the NON-threaded end of the cartomizer into the rubber cap you filled with liquid until it reaches the bottom and then lay it on its side for a full five minutes. You will see the liquid begin to be absorbed into the cartomizer. HOWEVER, even though all the liquid may appear to be absorbed, you should still allow it a full five minutes to truly 'wick' into the cartomizer's internal material.
      4. Once you are sure all the liquid has been absorbed, remove the rubber cap from the cartomizer and then place the mouth piece tip you removed in step two back into the end of the cartomizer. Screw the cartomizer onto a well charged battery and enjoy!

Adding Liquid To A Used Cartomizer

This is a little tricky, because the one thing you do not want to do is over fill a cartomizer. We suggest adding no more than 10 drops into the rubber cap using the same method listed above. You can alternatively drip the liquid directly into the cartomizer, but will need to make sure not to get any liquid down the center tube inside the cartomizer. A good technique is to tilt the cartomizer at an angle and drip the liquid down the inner wall of the cartomizer and rotating it every drop until the material inside the cartomizer looks moist. There should not be any 'pooling' of liquid when you look into the cartomizer. If there is, simply place the threaded end of the cartomizer in your mouth and blow through it into a paper towel to remove the excess. This is not always pleasant, but it does the trick.

That's about it! We hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to use our forum or our contact us page.
Happy vaping!

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