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5 Pack 808D Empty Cartomizer XL [ H ]


18 reward points

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808D refillable Empty / Blank Cartomizer.

Compatible with V2 and Halo G6 eCigs

This empty or blank cartomizer also known as a cartridge is designed to fit the 808D thread pattern. This pattern is used by V2 and Halo G6 ecigs. These cartomizers have a removable soft cap to allow you to easily refill your cartomizer with your favorite EasyVapors e-liquid.

We are now selling the MIMIC branded 808D cartomizers instead of the Easy Vapors brand. The Mimic brand cartomizer have been engineered to be 5mm shorter, but still hold almost as much eliquid as the longer Easy Vapors cartomizer. The MIMIC version holds 1.6ml compared to the 1.7ml capacity of the Easy Vapors cartomizer.

This product is intended for customers who have a basic knowledge of how to fill cartomizers. Empty cartomizers are not warranted for return, replacement or refund due to the DIY nature of the product.

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