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Mimic E-Cig Starter Kit - Menthol Discovery [510]


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Mimic E-Cig Starter Kit - Menthol Discovery

Discover what satisfies you. Complete with everything you need to start using electronic cigarettes, the Mimic E-Cig Starter Kit paired with a Menthol Discovery pack introduces you to the many aspects of vaping, from flavor choices to different nicotine levels. The Menthol Discovery Pack gives you the opportunity to try different Menthol flavors as well as different nicotine strengths in a single pack.

The E-Cig Starter Kit Includes:
  • One 280mah Battery
  • One USB Charger
  • One 5 Pack containing one each of the following flavor cartridges:
    - TruCig M - 36mg
    - TruCig M - 18mg
    - Strawberry Gelato - 12mg
    - Peppermint Blast - 18mg
    - Jack Frost - 24mg

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