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Mimic E-Cig Starter Kit - Fruit & Dessert Discovery [510]


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Mimic E-Cig Starter Kit - Fruit & Dessert Discovery

Complete with everything you need to start using electronic cigarettes, the E-Cig Starter Kit with a Fruit & Dessert Discovery pack introduces you to all the aspects of vaping. From flavor choice to Nicotine level, discover what satisfies you. The Fruit & Dessert Discovery Pack gives you the opportunity to try different flavors as well as different nicotine strengths in a single pack.

The E-Cig Starter Kit Includes:
  • One 280mah Battery
  • One USB Charger
  • One 5 Pack containing one each of the following flavor cartridges:
    - Vanilla Bean - 36mg
    - Cinnamon Bon - 18mg
    - Strawberry Banana Smoothie - 12mg
    - Granny Smith Apple - 18mg
    - Black Cherry - 24mg

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